All are invited to add related terms that support energy kite systems in the world. Here is a start:

Imagination, (investing in related targets), KiteShip (tm), ertz, KiteTug (tm), (tm) kite, OL kite, rotary kite, risk assessment, Airtricity, kite control systems, wind-power engineers, flying wind farm, hydroelectricity, KiteMotor, rotating kite, kite technician, wind farm, kite technologist, kite operator, kite factory, kite kite machine, lull, lee, leeward, current, kite system, lifter, destructive resonance, electricity, wind range, controller, UEK, underwater electric kite (UEK), hydrokinetic turbines, cost, aquatic kites, Laddermill, kite plane, Magenn, Magenn Power's MARS, lightning, generator, sail, kiteline, Jalbert parafoil, Magnus effect, drag power, voltage regulator, volt, induction, conductor, science kite, furl, furling, insulator, helium balloon, hydrogen balloon, Makani Power, Revolution, Power Blast, stratosphere, jet stream, charge controllers, wind, winds, airspace, atmosphere, kite system, tension, spin, spinning, whirling, test, test-to-failure, waxing, waning, inflating, deflating, reciprocate, reciprocation, tube tail, retention, retensioning, reciprocating, wind turbine, water kites, kite power, kitepower generator, kite applications, hydro kites, turbine, kytoons, Savonius, Flettner, Delft University of Technology, David Lang, Dave Santos, David Santos, Dave Culp, Dr. Ockels, Drachen Foundation, Hugh Piggott, sustainable power system, kite system, KITESA, lift, drag power, towing, microwave, kinetic energy, radio-control, smart programs, gust, gusts, vortex, wings, expert programs, algorithms, atmospheric electricity, ground, electrosphere, Sky Wind Power, FEG, FEGs, Flying Electric Generator, Flying Electric Generators, KiteGen, Kite Gen, kite generators, propeller, pinwheel, rotation, spinning tail, rotor, spinners, wafting, oscillation, whirligig, whirly, propellers, axis, electric grid, flutter, Robins effect, Robins-Magnus effect, Magnus-Robins effect, Cayley, airfoil, curved airfoil, parawing, parafoil, paraglider, parasail, KiteShip, Kite Ship (tm), KiteTug, governable parachute, Benjamin Robins, whirling arm, ballistic pendulum, pendulum, counterweight, balance, tow line, towline, mooring, kite mooring, kite anchor, line tension, reels, compression, torsion, spring, porosity, aerodynamics, kite dynamics, coterie, kite train, sky network, vibration, airspeed, instability, stability, fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics, paravane, paravanes, water-kite, hydrofoil, hydrofoils, KiteChip, kite motor, kite motors, wing, blades, propellers, water currents, rivers, ocean currents, proa, proas, hapas, foils, Bruce foil, sails, sailing, Sea Dog, kite rig, kite waterski, kiteplane, kite sailing, kite sailing airships, kite outrigger, kite tailplane, kite board, kite traction, twist, swivel, reel, reeling, kite line, cordage, cable, water gliders, kite towed submarines, trawler, fishing lures, kite fishing, trolling, kite rig, kite rig design, inflatable, inflatables, ram-air, ram-air inflation, control, controllers, navigate, "aquaviate" , kite-Hapa, AYRS, Amateur Yacht Research Society, Thom rotor, Hagedoorn hapa, leefoil, J. H. Hagedoorn (1912-2000), sea glider, anchoring, Hydroptère, wind power, kite yacht, kite yachts, Oceankite, fishing, hapa (sea anchor), amphi-kiting, amphibious kiting, wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aerogenerator. airbeam, air beam, airbeams, inflatable beam, inflatable beams, tensairty, tensegrity, convex, concave, cavexity, cavexion, cavexors, pump, pumping, cavexor, cavex, Cavex (tm), cavexing, air pressure, windage, inflatable envelope, Vertigo, Inc., buoy generator, traveling wave propulsion (air or water scene), robots, robot, Motorwave, Motorwind, wind speed meter, aero turbines, , dynamos, anemometry, power pulse, , sail making technology, sailmaking technology, laminate sails, 3-DL process, line oscillation, membrane technology, windmill kites, motor, stator, volt meter, optical tachometer, tachometer, ultracapacitor, capacitor, LED, battery, alternator, wiggle, twist, winding, magnets, coils, rectifier, terminal block, heat sink, ground, alternating current, direct current, ammeter, electrical resistance, electrical units, power, potential energy, kinetic energy kite, stress, strain, tangle, cable, cordage, electrical safety, short, charge, series, parallel, transformer, AWEA, Beaufort Scale, windmill, wind mill, balloons, blimps, mechatronic control unit, Festo, FlyGen, Fly Gen, flying generator, buggy, sail, wind generator, wind generators, Lead-Acid, Gel-Cell, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries, Li-Io, Li-Po, Li-FePo4 batteries, lithium receiver batteries , lithium transmitter batteries, charging controllers, electronic controllers, speed controllers, kite command center, kite control center, electric motors, cable, inspection, depowering de-powering kite systems, kill line, generators from motors, Daniel Bernoulli, Sir Isaac Newton, KiwiGen, wind mapping, wind prediction, winds aloft, wind window, flying lines, splicing, knots, swivels, pulse, pulses, pulsation, cycling, lift, drag, drift, resistance, pressure, flow, boundary layer, wind driven, power generation, kite system, kite type, kite types, nanotechnology, graphene, membrane, flaps, flapping, aileron, airfoil morphing, tip speed, rotational speed, frequency, tether, tethers, ribbon, ribbons, nanotube, nanofiber, nanofibers, (beanstalks, space bridges, space lifts, space ladders, skyhooks, orbital towers, orbital elevators), kiteology, kite engineering, kite engineer, kite courses, kite curriculum, load, load curtains, twin-keel parawing, David Barish, Barish sailwing, rotating parachute, parachute, sled, sled kite, Allison sled, Scott sled, Rogallo Wing, spar, sparless, limp, bones, battens, ribs, sprogs, wands, kite for sail, kite for water pumping, kite engine, WindLift, WindLift Kite Engine Company, Harry Valentine, airborne wind energy, AWE, airborne wind turbine, Bryan Roberts, flying windmills, wind map, wind resources, global wind resources, wind sites, high altitude winds, wind gradient, windpower, kite safety, kite risks, kiting risks, kite accidents, kiting accidents, thermo-acoustic engine, resonate frequency, sound waves, vibrating cables, cable-suspended resonant wind engine, linear alternator, alternator, loadings, resonant wave motion, axial-flow wind turbines, resonant technology, resonance, resonance technology, energy waves, spring, springs, taut cable, taut cables, , energy waves, cable waves, rate-adjustable spring, standing waves, node, nodes, amplitude, wind-driven wave generator, sinusoidal waves, fluctuating tension, changing tautness, cyclically spaced pulses, to-and-fro cyclical motion, line torsion, cabled turbines, turbines on cables, dynamic imbalance of the spinning turbines, lift physics, AeroCam, BWEA, British Wind Energy Association, torque reactions, transverse-axis turbines, traverse-axis fluid turbine, traverse-axis wind turbine, traverse-axis hydro turbine, wind-cable power conversion systems, buzz, buzzing, hum, hummer, humming, aeroelasticity, harmonics (1st mode, 2nd, etc.), kite hummer, humming lines, vibrating wires, musical strings, stringed musical instruments, , World Kite Museum, wind rotor, wind energy converter, musical kite, musical kites, noise making device, wind operated noise making device, depressor vane, towed noise-maker, aerial noise-maker, singing lines, noisemaker, parakites, parakite, windlass, drum, canopy lines, shroud lines, control lines, tensiometer, kite energy research, power-generating kites, power kites, tethered airfoils, electric powered hang gliders, electric hang gliders, electric kite, electric assistive launch, e-flight, e-FLPHG, Helikite, Heli-kite, kite boat, kite boats, kiteboat, OceanKite, KiteBoat, kite power generator, kite power generation, high-altitude wind energy flux, electronic rope, tail, tails, active tails, dynamic tails, Taylor cones, fluid dynamics, , , , , wave, waves, , , catenary, parabola, ellipse, sphere, upwind, downwind, crosswind, flow, laminar flow, transitional flow, turbulent flow, flow regimes, Taylor flow, Domina Jalbert, surface vortex shedding, flag waving, flip-wing, flipper, flipper wing, fin, wind energy capture, wind energy capture technologies, Joe Hadzicki, waviness, instability, vortex rolls, [Faust neo-offer] :: "cavex, cavexion, cavexor, cavexors, cavexing"
tethered wind turbine, tensegrity tower, flexible shaft, anchor, anchors, traveling anchor, traveling anchors, moorings, free-flying sails, very large free-flying sails, Very Large Free Flying Sails (VLFFS), Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG), launching kite, controlling kite, recovering kite, kite generated hydrogen, sky juice, line junk, kite harmonics, lifter kite, shaft-driven application, voltage regulator, cut-in windspeed, charging current, cost-of-energy (COE), tail vane, quasi-tensegrity, x-module tensegrity structures, X kites, tendons, struts, edge, draw, sling, firm, flaccid, symmetry, asymmetry, electricity storage, smoothing, flipper-wing quiver, critically excited/dampened oscillator, oscillator, oscillators, oscillation, harmonic analysis, composite oscillators, oscillating power element, kite electricity, kite energy systems, troposphere, tropospheric wind, kite steering unit, scalability, territory occupation, yo-yo configuration, aeolian technology, turbulent entrainment, turbulence, hydrogen, , buzzy, cableway power transmission, continuous loop power, power piston, wind foil, static electricity, traction, self-tacking wings, ribbon wings, rotary ribbon arch kite, rotary ribbon, VAWT, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, HAWT, avian energy, wind belt, , self-oscillating wings, transmission cableway, hum, humdinger, wing-mounted linear generator, wind-harvesting power generator, transducer, piezoelectric effect, vibration powered generator, , string, intermittency of wind, variability of wind, availability of wind, glider powered windmill, oscillating kite-powered tensioned loop, nonaxial wind turbine, NAWT, axial wind turbine, tethered wind energy systems, morphable wings, shape-changing wings, variable span wings, variable shape wings, virtual variable span wing, remote-controlled shaped wing, NREL, , airborne technology, transponder, line hazard avoidance, fairing, faired cables, faired line, venturi, diagnostic system, security system, , microgeneration technologies, kite systems, Xfoil, cavitation, entrainment, ventilation, controlled ventilation, , foil stabilization, variable geometry, plane, planing, planning, Tesla, three-phase,
single-phase, double-phase, phase, period, thermodynamics, polyphase, harmonic motion, simple harmonic motion, induction motor, , brushless DC electric motor, storing electricity, wobble, Electromagnetic transduction, vibrational electric generator, regen, regenerative braking, inverter, torque, vibration-based power generator, vibration electric generator, tethered tension field wind turbine, parasitic drag, parasitic line drag, line drag, ribbon rotor, Skybow rotating ribbon kite, ribbon kite, rotating ribbon kite, light, lightsail, lightsailing, light sailing, light sail, light sails, lightcraft, light craft, light kite, light kiting, light dynamic soaring, magsails, magsail, magnetic, magnetic sail, magnetic kite, reflect, reflection, reflective kite, electrodynamic tether, electrodynamics, plasma, plasma kite, plasma motor generator (PMG), electrodynamic tether, pendular motion instability, motion, motion instability, motion stability, kinetics, flip, buffet, flap, whip, whips, whipping, smart rope, smart tether, vortex visualization, flow meter, ribbon microphone, signal generator, oscillating ribbon generator, oscillating ribbon electric generator, wind-oscillated ribbon electric generator, smart vortex sensing, Wind Amplified Rotor Platform (WARP), Warp TM wind dam, aeolists, aeolian harps, flute, whistle, rotor frequency, fuel cell, hydrogen, windturbine, wind amplifier module, ribbon-piezoelectric crystal, vibrating reed, frequency of vibrating reed, modulus of elasticity, Allister Furey, computer controlled kite, computer controlled kite system, biologically inspired control, tethered airfoil, tethered airfoils, tethered airfoil systems, flexible heterogeneous arc shaped airfoils, kite modeling, kite modelling, kite design, kite designing, kite design software, asymmetry, asymmetrical kite, military kites, death kites, destructive kites, war kites, offense kites, offensive kites, figure 8, measures, measures of kite-element efficiency, efficiency, air traffic, jet stream, kite ladder, Generalized Tethered Object Simulation System, Culp, elevator, elevator ribbon, flotsam, lemniscate, truss, trusses, altitude, dynamic pressure, controllable kite, man-carrying kite, Alexander Mozhaiski, vorticity, cable mechanics, credibility, kite physics, kite line dynamics, kite aerodynamics, towing kite, tug, tug kite, SkySails System, WINTECC project, wind propulsion, auxiliary propulsion technology, hybrid propulsion system, SkyFuel, kite pump, kite water pump, TM , kite control engineer, adaptive neural network controllers, lying-eight figures, Vestas Wind Systems, modern energy, , PAIR, , , kite energy opportunities, merry-go-round generator, intermittent, phase-change technology, phase change, , proportional–integral–derivative controller, lever, leverage, kite energy conference, Nicopress, arresting gear, aircraft cable, wind energy harvesting effect on weather, windward, prevailing wind, wire rope, renewable energy, SailRocket, Charles F. Brush, Poul La Cour, gust smoothing, gustiness, energy management, flywheel, flywheel energy storage, flywheel battery, linkage, four-bar linkage, linkages, kinematics, statics, fatigue, structural fatigue, leading edge, leading edge inflated, LEI, new energy, small-scale AWE, active control, self-tending mechanism, maintenance cost, pilot, human pilot, autopilot, robot pilot, trawling, furlable, furlable beam, furlable wing, furlable rotor, wind fuse, AutoKite, autodepower, blow-outs, microcontroller, wind shear, operational constraints, Kestrel (tm) Autopilot, microavionics, altimeter, attitude gyro, attitude, LIDAR, radar, radar reflective, night vision technology, space-based LIDAR, tether sensor, tether position sensor, shape sensing, fiber-optic shape sensing, tensionmetrics, tensiometry, kinetic-energy storage, knot, kilowatt, kilowatt-hour, kilowatt-hour per day, Joule, joule, erg, energy, upwind gust detection and profiling, surfkite, KitEye, wind energy doctrine, wind helicity, wind fields, spiral, spiraling, kite assassins, dancing with turbulence, vortical handedness, jitter, veering, swerve, veering wind, backing wind, relaxed stability, onboard instruments, wind power superhighway, coefficient, coefficient of lift, acceleration, lift pressure, fluid density, density, potentiometer, pulley, block and tackle, Reynolds number, carbon nanopaper, line mass, kite mass, LTD, aspect ratio, bob, bobbing, sheet, tell-tale, tuft, reefing, aeronautics, yaw string, slip string, air motor, wind engine, wind motor, air engine, wind-driven generator, signaling, co-axial, synchronous electric generator, retrieve, retrieval mode, power mode, bridle, bridling, rudder, shaft, flexfoil, , aerogel, nanofoam, spinnaker, tidal lagoon, tidal barrage, two-way Wells turbine, oscillating water column, Pelamis, marine renewables, assessment project,